Date: 24th Oct 2021
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COVID and the COMP

Date: 13th July 2021

Important message from the Management Committee

 COVID and the COMP

As we approach week 13 of the season, with 10 weeks left, the Management Committee have taken stock of the current position in relation to Covid-19 and completed fixtures across the League. The last week or so has seen a marked increase in clubs contacting us with news of players with positive tests and players required to isolate. This has not always resulted in games failing to be played but we know that plenty of clubs are beginning to experience problems.

The 1ST X1 Premier Division currently has three games to be replayed due to Covid issues with 12 games in total to be replayed throughout the League. The Junior League programme has been hard hit with isolations leading to the non availability of players in this age group for 2nd and 3rd X1 games, as well as significantly affecting the U18 Representative side.

We know that clubs are working hard to fulfil fixtures and we are grateful for the huge efforts being made. We believe that the current situation is manageable but have a concern that if the numbers of players affected continues to increase it will almost certainly lead to more games not taking place. The Restart Group is to be recalled on Zoom w/c 19 July.

Meanwhile, as a clarification of the application of the Additional Rules for Covid, the concept that players from the team below should move to the team above remains.  

However it has become very clear in the last few weeks that we have had to take into account the full position in clubs, some of which have closed their doors for a set period. We have had to be a bit more flexible than simply applying numbers. Our approach is that when the numbers affected reach four unavailable players through Covid from one team, we have to consider the whole club and the practicality of potentially moving nearly half of a team to the level above. We are entirely reliant on the integrity of the information from clubs, particularly about the ages and ability of players potentially playing above their level.

We still abide by what we set out, but have realised it is not simply a numbers game. In a few cases it has been an issue where clubs put out either a 2nd or 3rd team in order that one of the two scheduled games is fulfilled and 22 players get a game.

The cut-off date for rearranging fixtures has been extended to Sunday 15 August.

All Covid affected matches are being dealt with specifically by Chris Weston and John Williams.  Please contact either for any further information or to report on any issues at your club.

Finally, thank you for your ongoing support in what is becoming a very testing season.

 Management Committee.

13 July 2021

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