Date: 22nd Jan 2021
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Date: 5th November 2020

All comments available - see link

Many thanks to all those clubs and individuals responding to the request for feedback. We received plenty, the vast majority of it indicating satisfaction and specifically expressing thanks to the Management Committee and other volunteers for getting the game on in such circumstances. In turn we thank all of you for the way in which all clubs and players embraced the shortened season.

In addition a number of valuable points have been made within the comments and these will be taken into account when circumstances are known and we are aware of what we can hopefully deliver from next April.

Below is a brief summary of the common and key points made under each category of the questionnaire.

REGIONAL GROUPS        Overall agreement that they worked well. However significant comment that greater competitiveness and extending groupings would be needed if season is over a longer period.

FORMAT and START TIMES          Mixed views. Solid support for Time Cricket under normal circumstances, particularly at 1st X1, with some calls for limited overs cricket in 2nd and 3rds. Strong support for earlier starts. 

TEAS      We were not sure what to expect here but there was overwhelming support for No Teas.

STAGE 4 ADAPTIONS      Universal acceptance of the playing adaptions in the game, with no real problems reported. Concern expressed re hygiene, lack of changing facilities and showers, particularly over longer periods.

CLUB ADHERENCE           Clubs and players, in particular, with praise for the efforts of all clubs – mirrored by us. No problems with arrangements or spectators reported to us.

COMMUNICATIONS       Complimentary comments and we will do our best to continue in the same way..

JUNIORS and WOMENS and GIRLS           Supportive comments about the arrangements of both sections but specific warnings from some clubs that long term participation in both groups had been seriously affected.

ANYTHING ELSE                               Not a lot in this section except one very important plea: Make cricket cheaper. This is something we will take forward, particularly in the current circumstances.

All the comments (anonymised) can be viewed in the website’s admin docs section as follows:

Management Committee 5 November 2020



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