Date: 17th Jan 2021
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WEEK 7 1st X1 SEMI-FINALS and 2nd X1 Love Lane League Matches

Date: 7th September 2020

WEEK 7 1st X1 SEMI-FINALS and 2nd X1 Love Lane League Matches

...... plus information in case of No Result and new registrations


1.In the event of any 1st X1 semi-final achieving a No Result (for any reason) the game will be awarded to the team in the higher League position at Week 6.  That team will progress to the Final in Week 8. The facility for a bowl out or a coin toss does not apply in this competition. 

2.  The facility for Clubs to register new players for 1st and 2nd teams has been withdrawn from the date of this posting.  The ability to register new players for 3rd X1s continues.

Liverpool Competition Love Lane League Fixtures Saturday 12th Sept 2020


1st XI semi-finals, based on 1st XI group table final placings, are (team listed first at home) :-

2nd XI league fixtures Saturday unless stated (also based on the 1st XI group table final placings) are :-

Group A

Ainsdale v Fleetwood H

Southport & Birkdale v Southport Trinity

Group B

Formby v Ormskirk

Northern v Firwood Bootle

Group C

Hightown St Marys v Alder

Sutton (St Helens) v Maghull

Group D

Newton le Willows v Rainhill

Rainford v St Helens Town

Group E

Old Xaverians v Sefton Park

Wavertree v Liverpool

(Liverpool CC ground unavailable due to Lancs CCC)

Group F

New Brighton v Birkenhead Park

Wallasey v Caldy

Group G

Highfield v Wigan

Leigh v Norley Hall

Spring View v Orrell RT

Group A

Fleetwood H v Ainsdale

Southport Trinity v Southport & Birkdale

Group B

Firwood Bootle v Northern

Ormskirk v Formby

Group C

Alder v Hightown St Marys

Maghull v Sutton (St Helens)

Group D

Rainhill v Newton le Willows

St Helens Town v Rainford

Group E

Sefton Park v Old Xaverians

Wavertree v Liverpool (Sunday 13th September)


Group F

Birkenhead Park v New Brighton

Caldy v Wallasey

Group G

Norley Hall v Leigh

Orrell RT v Spring View

Wigan v Highfield


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