Date: 4th Dec 2020
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Date: 23rd March 2020

Package of actions to assist clubs at this difficult time.



1. Club Subscriptions in respect of season 2020 are waived (irrespective of a possible start before the planned end of the season).

2. Handbooks are not being produced

3. Collection of monies from Clubs in respect of players having taken part in the recent Player Development programme is deferred until  the September Statement, at the earliest.

4. Collection of monies from clubs in respect of teams having taken part in the Women’s and Girls Indoor tournaments is deferred until the September Statement, at the earliest.

5. Clubs will not be billed for the Tiflex Pink Ball order (now delivered) until such time as T20 cricket is resumed in the Comp. 

6. Based on the above points April Statements will now not be sent out, as no monies are required to be collected.

7. Our new Sponsor to be formally announced from 1st April 2020, Love Lane Brewery, Bar and Kitchen undertake to help all clubs raising income with raffles/on line competitions etc. by providing prizes. (Details of how to access this to be sent to all clubs).

8. We are making interest-free loans up to £500, available to any club experiencing immediate financial difficulties. Further information on this can be obtained from Peter Fleetwood, Treasurer,

Management Committee

23 March 2020

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