Date: 4th Dec 2020
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Date: 22nd January 2020


.... an extract from the AGM Minutes 14/01/2020.

The Presidents Report:

"2019 saw the introduction of several sub-committees with the intention of reducing the workload of the Management Committee. 

2019 was a difficult season for the cup competitions with so much bad weather but eventually everything was played to a final.  Twelve matches in total were conceded and the committee has been tempted to invoke the rule in Clause 6.1.6 of the Playing Regulations of removing the guilty teams from the next year’s competition but so far has refused to do so. 

Conceded league matches mainly at 3rd  XI continue to be an issue despite the changes to the fixture schedules. However, at the various Focus Group meetings clubs have again made recommendations for 2020 and 2021 which will be voted on at the AGM. The only change in 2020, apart from the teams participating, affects the Saturday First Division where the 14 teams will play each other only once with the option of scheduling their own fixtures for the remainder of the season.

2019 saw a welcome reduction in fines from the highest level of fines ever in 2018. At over £6,700 they are still too high and it is a matter of regret to me that less than half of all clubs bothered to ask for a list of their fineable offences - as did only four of those named to be in the top twelve on the website bulletin.  The Treasurer is grateful for these contributions to the leagues balance sheet so that this money can be returned to clubs in many ways, such as subsidising the Player Development Programme and representative matches at all levels.  There are proposals to exchange monetary fines for loss of league points for some offences, so if approved it will be interesting to see what effect these will have.

Whatever administrative failings clubs might have, playing standards in our league continue to be amongst the best in the country.  Congratulations to all those winning trophies and promotion and especially those of our clubs playing in National and County knock-out competitions, especially Northern and Ormskirk who again reached the latter stages of both. 

I can’t thank enough all the officials of our league who continue to work tirelessly on your behalf.

We were delighted that our major sponsors, Liverpool Gin, in the final year of a three-year deal, as well as our other sponsor Icon Sports, continued to support us.  This is greatly appreciated and is invaluable to the running of our league.  Hopefully we can find a major sponsor for 2020 and beyond.

Burscough CC regrettably found themselves unable to field two teams each week and will join S&DCL in 2020.  Unfortunately the winners of the S&DCL, Birkenhead ST Marys, did not meet the minimum requirements for promotion to L&DCC so Division 2 at 1st and 2nd XI will only have 11 teams. We continue to have an excellent relationship with the S&DACL. Our joint venture of a dual registration system in 2019 with S&DCL worked very well, helping clubs in both leagues to fulfil fixtures.

Our Chair has again worked tirelessly throughout 2019 organising the several representative teams some of which have achieved great success, which I’m sure he will elaborate on in his report.

2019 has been my twelfth year as your President and the end of my three-year term so I have decided it is time for someone else to take on this role.  At the time of writing I can’t say who this will be but I wish whoever it will be a rewarding time in office.  I have greatly enjoyed my twelve years and I will probably continue to help the Management Committee in one or two of the roles I have previously filled.  Thank you all for your support.

Finally, I wish all clubs, officials and players a most enjoyable season in 2020.

Eric Hadfield

President LG L&DCC


......and from the minutes:

The President (EH) had said “2019 has been my twelfth year as your President and the end of my three-year term ….” The Chair added that it was his great pleasure to thank EH on everyone’s behalf for all the work that he had done in so many different ways during his four terms as our President, he had filled so many different and varied roles and had “occasionally” (!) had to assist with sorting out difficulties with fixtures and disciplinary matters.

The Chair continued; it was right and proper that the L&DCC should properly recognise the service that Eric Hadfield had given to the L&DCC. The L&DCC had a clear hierarchy of honorary posts and Eric Hadfield was already a past President and a Vice President.

The Chair proposed to the meeting that Eric Hadfield now be made a LIFE VICE PRESIDENT. (The only other Life Vice President was Harold Wolfe who had been a key figure in the setting up of the L&DCC as a fully functioning league post World War II).

A vote was called for and Eric Hadfield was unanimously elected a LIFE VICE PRESIDENT of the L&DCC. There was sustained applause.

Eric Hadfield offered a few words of thanks in reply to the meeting.  He was still a member at Northern CC  and had served on their committees too. He had been on L&DCC Committees - including a stint as Chair, since 1980 and, in various capacities, had served for a total period of time of 45 years; his twelve years as President had flown by. A “normal” period of time in office of one stint of 3 years, had turned into four and he had enjoyed every minute of it. He thanked the meeting again, there was more applause.

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